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સુબોધ શાહ નું “Culture Can Kill – How Beliefs Blocked India’s Advancement

ફેબ્રુવારી 25, 2009

સુબોધ શાહનો ટેલીફોનીક પરિચય ૨૦૦૬માં હ્યુસ્ટનમાં ગુજરાતી સાહિત્ય સરિતાએ રાખેલ પુસ્તક મેળા વખતે થયો. રુબરુ મુલાકાત “ચાલો ગુજરાત્ ૨૦૦૮ માં થઈ.૧૯૮૭થી અમેરીકા વસતા આ કેમીકલ એન્જીનીયર ગુજરાતી, મરાઠી,હિન્દી, સંસ્કૃત અને સ્પેનીશ ભાષનાં જાણકાર છે.

તેમનુ પ્રથમ પુસ્તક અંગ્રેજીમાં “Culture Can Kill — How Beliefs Blocked India’s Advancement અમેરીકન પબ્લીશીગ હાઉસે ( બહાર પાડ્યુ. ભારતીય લેખકોનાં પુસ્તક્ને અમેરીકન પ્રેસે છાપ્યું હોય અને રોયલ્ટી લેખકે મેળવી હોય તેવા બહુ જુજ ઉદાહરણોમાંનું એક નામ છે શ્રી સુબોધ શાહ.


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એમના પુસ્તક્નો ટુંક સાર્..તેમના જ શબ્દોમા..

The Theme: India—Poor and Under-achiever—-Causes and Remedies
            Outsiders enslaved Hindu society for 800 years—a record for a major nation. A huge majority of Indians is still poor, orthodox, irrational and backward. Unwarranted pride in our past prevents us from squarely facing our failures.
            The Causes of our downfall reside in us—not in Fate, foreigners or God.
·     Failure to empower women, Caste System, Restricted Education, Overabundance of myth and spirituality—-these created a defeated backward looking society that is against rational behavior and in-depth analysis of issues.
·     Our Culture over-emphasizes Tradition and Faith. Both these not only block Innovation and Creativity, but more seriously, they also block Rationality.
·     When the West modernized through Renaissance, Reformation and the Industrial Revolution, India missed the boat since she did not have the cultural underpinnings needed for challenging ancient ideas.
            The Remedies are: Genuine modernization of minds, not just superficial cosmetic changes. With outdated mindsets, we cannot compete with modern nations.
·     We need a new set of Values, not just a Reformation; more originality, not just scholarship; social responsibility, not just personal piety; logical thinking, not just poetry and mythology; Reason, not faith or emotion.
·     Some suggested Cures are:

1. Rational approach to problems.

2. Respect Gurus but question them. Challenge myths. Encourage skepticism.

3. Concentrate on this world, not the next.

4. Build better schools, not more temples.

5. The State should finance Elections.

6. A crash plan for Solar Energy.

Here is the article published by Prof. Dhaval Mehta in Gujarat Samachar on 11 march 2009

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  1. મે 23, 2010 5:30 પી એમ(pm)

    Good to know that there are people interested in the rich culture of my country, and working hard to bring it on the world view. Cheers for your wonderful blog. Even I’m a published poet. You can catch glimpse of some of my works here-

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